Colonic Irrigation and Weight Loss

Many of us have tried to lose a few pounds and been to various weight loss groups and if they do not work long term we try to find alternatives.

I have often read that colonic irrigation enables weight loss and yes to some degree that is true but not in the way many people think. A client may be 2 pounds lighter after the therapy but this is because of water and faecal release, it is not real weight loss and the scales may well be back to pre-colonic levels within 24 hours.


Healthy Food Preparation

It seems there is an emerging thought regarding not only what we eat but how our food is prepared.

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) contain inflammatory compounds and oxidants which seem to play a role in cardiovascular disease. AGEs occur during normal metabolism but unfortunately our modern day way to cooking food such as frying, grilling, roasting,


The Kidney Rub

The Chinese believe that the kidneys are vitality important for good health. If we lose kidney energy then it cannot be replaced so pay extra attention to keeping this area warm! A Chinese Chi Kung master will always say one of the most important things to do every day, preferable on waking, is the kidney rub.

After sleep our kidneys require a wake up call to rid the body of the night’s toxins through urination. You can do this standing or sitting but you may have to adjust your movement according to the flexibility of your shoulders and arms. If you can only do one arm at a time then that’s fine.


Skin Brushing

This is done prior to bathing or showering and is an excellent way to stimulate the lymphatic system enabling toxins and waste to be expelled easier.

You will require a natural bristled brush and they often come with a long detachable handle and can be bought at a good chemist or on line.

Technique – all brush movements should be made towards the heart and approx. 3-5 strokes made in each area covering as much of the body as possible.


NutriAdvanced Metabolic Cleanse

I’m now on day 11 of my 14 day cleanse and feeling lighter in step and feeling cleaner inside and out!

Since my last post i’ve done 3 days of liquid only, days 7-9. On these days you can either juice, have smoothies, liquidise soups or just take the Nutriclear powder alone mixed with water/juice/coconut or almond milk and all you need then is a small hand whisk. I’ve not felt hungry but found a smoothie every 2 or 3 hours kept me going and it also helps to add things like avocado and milled


Nutri Advanced New Metabolic Cleanse

On the 7th May I begin a 14 day cleanse. Nothing new in this for me, i do one a year, and usually about this time because it’s warmer and the season is still changing and traditionally cleansing was done at the change of the season. This time i’m doing a new one from Nutri Advanced and because it’s new they have invited practitioners to take part. It comes complete with supplements, food programme, health questionnaire, toxic questionnaire, instructions on how to do your BMI and waist/hip ratio and there’s 3 webinars to inform and guide us through the programme. It costs around £130, so not cheap, but then nothing is!


10 Top Tips to Minimise Hay Fever

Judy’s 10 top tips:

1) Minimise your exposure to chemicals – switch to organic food where possible or remove pesticide residues on non-oganic fruit and veg with Veggie Wash or apple cider vinegar. Replace your household cleaning products for natural ones, (in particular avoid air fresheners – especially the ‘plug-in’ types), switch to natural cosmetics and personal care products
2) Avoid mucous forming foods – such as dairy products, wheat, chocolate and saturated fats
3) Avoid any foods to which you have an intolerance – commonly wheat, dairy, citrus, caffeine – consider getting an intolerance test
4) Reduce sugar – which lowers immune function


How to make Kefir (fermented milk)

Kefir starts off as either goat, sheep or cow’s milk to which some kefir grains are added. You can buy the grains online or get some from another kefir drinker and these grains resemble miniature cauliflower florets. If you are dairy free then you can make it with coconut milk or coconut water.

Kefir was traditionally made in the mountains of Russia and it was kept hanging outside the door in an animal skin and people would


Spring Cleanse

Over centuries, in many cultures, it has been the norm to cleanse the body at the change of the coming season. Why you may ask?

If you think about it, it makes sense. As Spring arrives we have the joy of longer days and warmer weather so the type of clothes we wear and the layering changes. Many in the UK suffer from SAD so the sun appearing makes an enormous difference to our mood, our


Probiotic Powder for Babies

Biocare have recently added something for newborns to their range of quality products. Baby BioFlora is a powder that can be given to newborn babies up to 12 months and contains lactobacillis bacteria which helps establish a newborns gut flora. You may of course be wondering why this would be necessary? When babies are born…