Enjoying life through good health

I take a holistic view that includes the mind, body and emotions. If these are in balance then good health often follows.

Our lifestyle and diet cannot be changed overnight, we have to work on them over a period of time. I take a natural approach and this means changing some of our daily habits and re-educating ourselves about some of the foods we eat and the way that we live. I look at each person individually and tailor your programme to suit your needs.

The Clinic is designed to be a place where you’ll feel relaxed and reassured. You will always receive high levels of care and attention and any concerns you may have will be addressed through an open, honest approach that puts you and your health first. There’s never a feeling of being rushed, you always have plenty of time to talk and for me to listen.




In a 2009/2010 survey of over 300 clients receiving Colonic Hydrotherapy, carried out by ARCH, 96% had already recommended the therapy. 56% noticed general health improvements and 21% were pleased with the effect on their weight. Book an appointment now: Telephone: 01858 469206 or Email