Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerance symptoms are associated with the body’s own response to specific food proteins and have been associated with a wide range of health issues including:
▪ Lethargy
▪ Bloating
▪ Constipation
▪ Brain fog
▪ Headaches
▪ Diarrhoea
▪ Insomnia
▪ Arthritis
▪ Asthma
▪ Eczema
▪ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
▪ Itchy skin
▪ Hyperactivity disorder
Many complain of feeling unwell for years and whilst simple elimination diets can be used, this ‘trial and error’ approach is often imprecise and long winded. It is not unusual for a food reaction to appear 7-12 days later making it virtually impossible to detect the culprit, even with the help of a health practitioner or GP.

In many cases the only certain way of confirming an intolerance is to measure food specific IgG reactions in the blood. A laboratory test is recognised as the most reliable way to positively identify foods and drinks causing symptoms and once identified then appropriate action can be taken for long term relief. These simple pin prick blood tests could provide some of the answers and in the long run reduce symptoms.

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd manufacture the Foodprint® food intolerance kits we use and they also do the laboratory work. The side bar on the right shows the options available and all involve a pin prick blood sample which can be carried out at home or at The Clinic. The blood sample is then sent directly to the Cambridge Nutritional Sciences laboratory for testing.

Based on the blood sample sent to the laboratory a detailed and accurate report will be completed on the most reactive foods in the test. The lab aims to post out results within 10 working days of receiving them and the report arrives to you in an A4 ring binder, colour coded, easy to understand with options for changing those foods causing concern.

If results show several intolerances then The Clinic’s Nutritionist is always on hand to advise you specifically on how to replace the most reactive foods in the test, taking into account any specific health conditions.

Other laboratory blood finger print tests available include:

▪ Candida Screen (Candida albicans) £61.75
▪ Coeliac Screening (Gliadin & t-Tg) cost to be confirmed
▪ Gastric Ulcers (Helicobacter pylori) £52.25
▪ Vitamin D £38
▪ Parasite screen (laboratory stool sample test taken on 3 different days) £118.75

If you are still unsure whether to consider a test or not then please ring me for more information, I’m more than happy to help.

food intolerance testing


All the prices quoted below are 5% cheaper than the RRP on the Cambridge Nutritional Sciences website and includes postage.

The Foodprint® tests for responses in either 40, 60, 120 or 200 different foods and there is a specific test for herbs and spices, vegetarians and vegans.

▪ Foodprint® 40: £105.50
▪ Foodprint® 60: £153.00
▪ Foodprint® 120: £200.50
▪ Foodprint® 200: £276.50

▪ Vegetarian £153.00
Focuses on a diet devoid of fish and meat
▪ Vegan £153.00
Tests only for ‘non-animal’ sourced foods
▪ Herbs and Spices £105.50
For those who react specifically to spicy foods

If you would like to order an Intolerance Kit please ring me on 01858 469206 or email here