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Initial Colonic Appointment

In this first colonic session we cover a lot of ground as there’s always information to pass onto a client, especially those who are experiencing digestive symptoms. These symptoms can be a mixture of constipation, loose stools, bloating, excess gas, general abdominal discomfort, acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion. We look at your health history, your current symptoms, your food and drink choices, your lifestyle and stress levels and any guidance is always with an emphasis on natural health.

Cost: £90

Colonic for Existing Clients

Clients are often surprised at how easy it is to manage their symptoms when they know what to do. Follow up appointments give you the opportunity to review the initial health plan, discuss progress and have another colonic. As our health changes the colon benefits so a second colonic is often very different from the first one and most people benefit from a follow up session, especially when they are new to this therapy. However, if you choose to have one colonic then there will still be benefits and it is an individual choice.

Cost: £80

What's included in the appointment and the cost?

Features Initial Colonic Colonic for Existing Clients
Length of appointment 1 hour 30 1 hour 30
Digestive health assessment
Current and past health history review
Personal dietary & digestive advice
Health hand outs
Colonic irrigation
Herbal enema infusion
Aftercare advice
Price £90 £80
Appointment Features An Initial Colonic A Colonic for Existing Clients
Length of appointment (up to) 1 hour 30 mins 1 hour 30 mins
An in-depth digestive health assessment
A look at your current and past health history, along with your lifestyle
In-depth, personal dietary and digestive advice
Health information hand outs
A colonic irrigation
A herbal enema infusion during the colonic to enhance the results
Colonic aftercare advice
Price £90 £80

Our two therapists work:

Kelly: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & one Saturday per month

Karen: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

The above working pattern is subject to change.
If you would like a particular therapist, please check when making a booking.

Coffee enemas are available by prior appointment at an extra cost of £20. Enema coffee contains properties that encourage a deeper release of toxins and is especially helpful when doing a detoxification programme.

Cancellations  –  At least 48 hours notice is required for a cancellation otherwise 50% of the appointment fee will be charged.

Find out more about what happens before, during or after the appointment by visiting our FAQ page

Appointment Feature Breakdown

A colonic hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is a very simple way of giving your colon, or large intestine, an internal bath. It encourages the release of accumulated waste, toxins, and excess gas and at the same time it exercises and tones the colon muscles, gently relaxes and re-hydrates as well as reshaping kinks or bends in this colon itself.

An in-depth digestive health assessment

Prior to your appointment you will complete a detailed health questionnaire at home, which you will bring with you on your first appointment. This will give me a very good view of your current and past health history, your current symptoms, your food choices and your lifestyle.

A review of your current and past health history

We will look at your current and present digestive health and a picture of your general health will emerge.

Dietary and digestive advice

This will depend on your symptoms and your general health.

A herbal enema infusion during the colonic to enhance the results

I make up a herbal tea, depending on a client’s symptoms, and this is used during the colonic itself to enhance a release.

Aftercare advice

You will be given an ‘After Care Advice Sheet’ so that you get the best from this holistic therapy. This would include things like drinking more water to flush toxins through, avoiding the gym and not running a marathon afterwards!

Health Information Handouts

Health hand outs are given when required depending on your symptoms.

Watch this video to find out what happens during an appointment

Please note that this is not me or my actual clinic, but it is a good representation of a colonic in action.