Hear what some of our clients have to say on their experiences at The Colonic Clinic


I would just like to message you to say thank you so, so much for helping me. You made me feel at ease and completely empathised with my bowel problems. The procedure itself was carried out very professionally and you talked me through every step as it was happening.

It was very interesting and I had no idea how important the colon and bowel movement was to your overall health, well being and ultimately your mood. I personally feel like you listened to me more than the specialist has and you really did give me the best advice.

I literally would go weeks without having a bowel movement I was willing to try absolutely anything just to ease the persistent pain and discomfort I had. I’ve been palmed off for so many years with lactulose, laxido, movicol and told by doctors to mix these with over the counter laxatives as ‘it’s just what you will have to do for the rest of your life’…. As I had been told this by my doctor and specialist I believed this and that’s exactly what I was doing. I have taken your advice and purchased the vitamins, probiotic, psyllium husk, l glutamine and also some brown linseed and my bowel movement is now daily.

After being under the specialist for my persistent bowl problems since birth absolutely nothing had worked that the doctors had prescribed, until I decided to pay the colonic clinic a visit and you gave me so much information and you were full of knowledge. I really feel like a new woman. I am so much happier, I feel so healthy and my partner has noticed a huge improvement in my mood. I feel amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

I would highly recommend visiting the colonic clinic, not just for the procedure itself but for the brilliant after care information and for the vast amount of knowledge you have to share. You have literally changed my life and that is no exaggeration. Thanks again Karen.

Sharna D

I seriously can not thank you enough for all your help! I’ve been feeling so much better, have so much more energy. I have no stomach pains and no back pains. My skin is even better! I have gone from going toilet from once a week, to going at least every other day. I honestly can’t believe it. You have made should a massive difference to my life and I can not thank you enough.


Visiting your clinic has been ‘life changing’ for me & I cannot thank you enough. Your holistic approach to health & well being has inspired me to change more than just my eating habits…so once again, thank you. I wish you continued success in Colonic clinic & wouldn’t hesitate in recommending anyone to come and see you ?

Sarah M

I just had to email you to say the colonic I had at your clinic I can honestly say transformed my digestive health! Even after one treatment, I can only say that it must have completely detoxified my colon and my bowels because I have never felt so well in the digestive department. I also now eat a gluten free diet again and have dramatically reduced the amount of meat in my diet which I also feel has helped.  But mostly I think the colonic has rid my stomach of years of toxins!

Your clinic is excellent I would definitely recommend to anyone with stomach problems! Money very well spent, thanks again!

James D

I have visited Karen on several occasions and each time has proven to be beneficial both in the short term thanks to the therapy itself, but also in the longer term for the dietary advice. I would wholly recommend visiting Karen and taking advantage of her excellent therapy sessions and overall knowledge.

Rebekah L

Visiting Karen at the Colonic Clinic is the best decision I have ever made. I have experienced bowel problems for around 10 years and I’m now in my mid-twenties. This has impacted negatively on every aspect of my life and I have suffered from anxiety, low energy and acute constipation – to the point of being admitted to hospital on one occasion. Doctors had told me numerous times that IBS is a chronic condition that I have to live with and that I would need to take laxatives and enemas for the rest of my life!

Since my first appointment with Karen, she made me feel completely at ease and discussed all the options with me. After a few sessions and consultations, as well as following Karen’s guidance for a few months, I would honestly say I feel like a different person. I have felt empowered to try different things with my diet, introduce supplements and take steps to reduce my anxiety. Karen has been there every step of the way and it was worth every penny.

Kirsty R

I just wanted to let you know that having come to see you has transformed my life in a way I never thought possible!  For years I had just accepted that my digestive system was slow, sluggish and going to the loo once a week or so was normal for me. Putting up with abdominal pain, bloating etc was just a normal part of my life. My wake up call was having an abdominal X-ray for some really awful abdominal pain and being told by the doctor- in as polite a way as he could- I was loaded with poo!!! I had considered colonic irrigation in the past but never took the brave step to do it. Coming to see you for a full consultation and colonic procedure was amazing. Your warm, professional approach put me at ease straight away.  The dietry evaluation and information was fantastic- the saying we are what we eat is so true. The procedure itself was actually rather pleasant, the immediate sense of relief felt was incredible. I now take probiotics every day , drink more water (not coke!!) and have made changes to my diet that have resulted in a much more comfortable life! No bloating, cramps, pains- once a week habit is now once/twice a day and when I do have a bad few days when on holiday etc I take a colonmax and that works so well and helps put me back on track. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Karen, I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone considering having this done.

P.S. I have a poo step too!!!!

George D

There’s no beating around the bush here: having a colonic is one of the most personal experiences imaginable. So it needs to be with someone that you trust. Someone who puts you at ease and runs a tidy, hygienic ship. And someone who can educate you generally towards better digestive health.

Karen Dilley ticks all of those boxes. And more. She’s unassuming, approachable, and as down-to-earth as they come. And I trust her. So much so that I have sent some of my closest friends to her too. And in a weird way, I actually look forward to my appointment when it’s next due; I always leave feeling clean in body and mind, with an overriding sensation of serenity and calm.

You need to find a good practitioner and stick with them, 2-4 times a year if you’re well, and more often if you have a particular digestive condition. Nothing is more important than your digestive health, as it is the point from which ALL your general health originates, not least your immune system.

Forget all the urban myths: with the approach that Karen takes, it’s far less intrusive than you’ve most likely been led to believe. And you are doing the greatest possible favour to your tireless digestive system, which, if you follow a standard western diet, NEVER gets a break. So, occasionally, you need to reciprocate.

As a blogger about all this kind of stuff, I had already written a post about the subject when I was seeing another colonic hydrotherapist, who retired. And then thankfully, I discovered Karen.

George Dryden: blogger, journalist, vegan and food coach, Leicestershire, www.georgedryden.com

Lorraine B

I had two colonics with Karen due to some digestive problems. I have to say that afterwards I had more energy and felt revitalised. On following the advice during the sessions, I have gone onto seriously investing in my health. As a sufferer of IBS the knowledge I have reaped from Karen has helped me to know how to better look after my own gut issues. Thank you kindly.

Jude M

I have had several colonics with Karen at the Colonic Clinic, and while I’ve had many colonics over the years in various places, I can honestly say that the ones I had here were the most comfortable and the most effective. Karen really knows her stuff, is very professional and a real expert in digestive health, always keeping up to date with the latest research. The health and wellbeing of her clients is always paramount and if you book a colonic here you will be in very safe hands.

Sarah G

Thank you very much for your help over the recent weeks. I already feel more energised and lighter. I am definitely feeling more confident as I no longer focus so much on ‘what’s not happening’. Your advice and support alone was worth every penny and I have looked at the websites you have suggested and I am engrossed. Your positivity and attitude to want to help is inspiring and I am currently looking to take a holistic therapy course myself because of how much you have helped me. I believe family and friends will start to ignore me soon because I can’t stop talking about my experience and how much it has helped. Please continue what you are doing and thank you for all your help.

Sue M

Thank you for my treatment. You made me feel very comfortable and at ease and were most helpful. I would most definitely recommend you to my friends or family.

Sue C

The atmosphere at the clinic is very relaxing and yet professional. Karen’s warm and easy manner makes the colonic experience a pleasure.


Karen made me feel at ease and relaxed from our initial phone call all the way through to my second colonic session. After my first colonic session and home care advice, my energy levels increased and stomach issues virtually subsided. There was no pressure in returning after my first session and full home care advice was much appreciated. I would highly recommend Karen and her services as  hand on heart, it’s been life changing for me.

Andy H

I visited Karen for a colonic on 13th Nov 2021 – my first such visit after wondering about doing this for many years and being rather nervous about doing so.  I need not have worried – Karen was a welcoming, calm, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  She put me right at ease, explained what would happen thoroughly, and there were no awkward or embarrassing moments at all.  There was also no pain whatsoever and no discomfort either.  The colonic process was gentle and pain free, and before, throughout and after the process I learned so much from Karen about food, drink, lifestyle, and my own body that it’s one of the most beneficial visits I’ve ever had to a medical professional.

Following the procedure, I felt empty, as you would expect, very light and have felt more positive generally in the weeks following the visit, I’ve changed my eating habits slightly and will continue to do so, and generally just feel a little bit healthier all round.

Karen recommended a visit every 6 months, which I will be doing.

Thank you to Karen for all her help and advice, and I’d highly recommend anyone who has ever considered doing this, that you could not be in better hands.  Highly recommended.