I absolutely love my job. Seeing clients, looking at their health history, pinpointing areas that could be improved, scrutinizing the digestion during the colonic process and then making recommendations, is very rewarding.

My journey into natural health began in my 20s when I spent many years backpacking around the world. I was lucky enough to experience a variety of cultures and their particular health disciplines which gave me an excellent insight into natural healing generally.

Over the years I have changed the way I eat, my approach to everyday life, the way I exercise and I always consider stress levels! These changes have made a profound difference to my health and the way I feel. In order to enjoy life to the full we should feel energetic, positive and be free of pain.

I trained with Milo Siewert and Roger Groos at The Natural College of Hydrotherapy and am a member of the Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists (ARCH) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

I also hold a Master Herbalist Diploma, have a background in Reiki and I am a qualified Tai Chi/Chi Kung instructor. I am also a founding member of a local cancer charity based in Northamptonshire called Integrated Cancer Therapies which offers complementary therapies free of charge to those diagnosed with cancer.

As a member of ARCH I attend regular training sessions to keep my knowledge up to date and I always have a keen interest in the latest research.


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Sept '15 (16)
Karen lives locally and is a fully qualified Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Chinese Wand Instructor as well as holding a Master Herbalist Diploma. She is also a founder member of a local cancer charity – visit intergratedcancertherapies.org.uk to find out more about what they do. Book an appointment now: Telephone: 07592 603047 or Email